Sheriff Harry J. Gillway

Law enforcement has changed in many ways over the years and so have criminals. A few things remain the same in my book, keep the peace, endeavor to prevent crime, enforce the law, uphold the United States Constitution and treat people fairly. The mission of the Sheriff requires leadership as well as being a good steward of the public.

My staff and I are committed to serving the people of Kimball County with the highest moral ethics.  As your Sheriff I will do my best to be the peacekeeper of yesteryear and the effective law enforcement officer of today.  My deputies and I will always treat people fairly and with respect, never will we violate the laws of this State or the United States Constitution to over-zealously go after any person for any reason.

In closing, my philosophy is simple, treat people with respect, care about people and respect the law. 

Very truly yours,

Sheriff Harry J. Gillway